North Central District American Rose Society

Happy Belated New Year!

I know that those of you in the more northern part of the district have already seen several feet of snow so far this winter, but here in SE Wisconsin, we have seen very little and have actually experienced many days of above normal temperatures. Down here in Racine, we got  quite the fright on Halloween when 5" of snow fell during the day, but we haven't seen anything but a trace since! That could all change Friday as a major winter storm may track far enough north to bring us the first snow storm of 2020. I personally enjoy winter...I love snowshoeing, hot chocolate, real wood fires and being able to catch up with so many things that fall by the wayside during rose season. Like this website for example! My New Year's resolution was to get it finished this month and, thanks to Teddy, my mostly patient, tech savy son, I am happy to say that the mission is almost accomplished. Just waiting for some lists to link and contact info to upload and the NCD Website will be pretty complete for the next few months. I am particularly happy with the Gallery page which includes photos of and information on almost every winning entry from the district rose show! If you think I am missing any key pieces of information or want to add or update anything on the site let me know. I hope to do a blog post on rose news and scoops every Friday to keep in touch and of course I hope to see many of you at the Spring Meeting in March!